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What is gumbi gumbi?

The Aboriginal people of Australia, along with the San Bushman of Africa, are the oldest still existing civilisations of the world, both being virtually unchanged for the last 40 thousand years. They, along with the Chinese, Indians, North and South American natives, in fact most ancient cultures, have successfully treated their medical conditions using natural remedies and herbal medicines for centuries. Only European settlement and modern western influence has changed at all the way these people have successfully lived from the land for all that time, combating the elements and disease by understanding and applying natural resources.

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The European influence has also "educated" the indigenous people to the degree where natural solutions have almost been forgotten. Modern medicine and pharmaceuticals have almost entirely replaced traditional practices worldwide. The fact is 75% of contemporary medicines and pharmaceuticals are derived from naturally occurring plant material. Thankfully, in recent times, people everywhere are becoming more aware of the benefits of natural herbal (or phyto) products, remedies and therapies.

Recent scientific studies, published in mainstream media reports, once again support the exceptional levels of disease fighting compounds found in many Australian native or "bush" foods and in fact place some of them in the super food category.

"For the indigenous population, the results confirm what they have known for generations - that bush tucker is good for you."
(Australian Broadcasting Corporation 05 Sept , 2009)

One Australian "bush remedy" or Traditional medicine in particular, accepted by many, especially in Central Queensland, is Gumbi Gumbi. The sole purpose of Gumbi Gumbi Natural is to investigate, document and report findings of the many people who drink Gumbi Tea daily with positive outcomes.

Research has been done previously and is currently underway by Universities and relevant scientific bodies, both in Australia and other countries, to validate the claims already believed to be true by the users of the age-old Aboriginal natural remedy, also known as Cumbi Cumbi & Meemeei depending on regional dialects.

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